This is Vic.  He's awesome.

Each year, Tim Sackett Day rolls around and we, as a society, take a day off to appreciate how awesome someone is.  This year, said awesomeosity takes the form of Victorio Milian.  He is a singular human being, and you should know him.

There’s going to be a lot written about Vic today, and much of it will tell you where he works, what he does and so forth.  So if you want that, go read those posts.  I’d rather talk about other things.

A couple of years ago, Wikipedia went dark for a day.  The Internets, as a whole, scrambled to fill the void of information.  I had no such need, because Vic is my One Man Wiki.  All of my hip hop and comic questions were answered quickly and accurately.  He is a great source of knowledge across the board, but he is absolutely my go-to in these areas.

Vic is also terribly skilled with his camera.  It’s amazing the number of pictures he manages to pull together at conferences that are filled with emotion and depth, even with very little in frame.  He’s got game that I don’t, and I love seeing his work.  Here’s four of my favorites, and you should check out his Instagram if you want more…

I can see my house from here!

Victorio Milian gives you wings!

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This is a real time video stream.  He's just that chill.


Did I mention that he’s also a great friend?  Because he totally is.  Between professional exchanges, hanging out at Citi Field, or sharing tales and challenges of fatherhood, some of my best memories of the road have been with Vic.  He’s one of those people that enhances the bliss of whatever you are doing, and is so easy-going about it, you could really be doing anything.  Or nothing.  It all works.

Where can you find Vic?  Facebook.  And Twitter.  And LinkedIn.  And Facebook.  And Instagram.  And tumblr.  And his own site, natch.  Your world will be a better place.  Also, don’t call him Vic.  That’s just for me.  OK?  Cool.  Now get to clicking.  And don’t forget to drop him a note today to show some appreciation of your own.

Vic, thank you for being you.  You’re awesome, and you make the world (specifically MY world) a better place.

This pic cost me $10.  Worth it.

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